Thanksgiving Week

Proclaiming Grace Outreach wants to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have tried hard at the Thrift Spot to include Thanksgiving items right up until the holiday as so often it tends to be bypassed by Christmas.  While Christmas is important…we invite you to pause this week with us and reflect on all the many blessings we really do have.  So often we think our house is a mess, but at least we have one.  We comment on how out of style our clothes may be but at least we have them to stay warm.  We comment on how gray our hair is getting but at least it has not been lost due to chemo.  We wish we had something “good” to eat in the pantry, but at least we have food.  We invite you to join in the attitude of gratitude.  And for those who do have these dire situations, we want to do everything we can to help either through Proclaiming Grace Outreach or by connecting you with the right organizations.  Happy Thanksgiving!