PGO – Building Partnerships & Helping Others

PGO is all about partnerships. From the beginning of our mission efforts, we realized that we could not do this alone. Thus many churches, civic groups, businesses and individuals have worked together with our non-profit to create amazing CHANGE for New Kent County and the upper portion of James City County (

Throughout our nearly 10 years of operating the Thrift Spot (the financial engine for all we do) we have been totally sustained on donations from the community. If you are familiar with the magnitude of what we receive, this in itself is absolutely amazing! Due to space restraints, we are only able to keep one season of clothing stocked at a time.

Over the years, we have been blessed by contracting with a few different companies that would buy or sometimes just take our overflow clothing. Due to the fact that sometimes good things just don’t last forever, in 2018 we found ourselves without a buyer for the off season/overflow clothing. In walks Pastor Russ Smith of Life For All Ministries. He was shopping for summer clothing/shoes for his mission which is feeding and clothing the children of Haiti, all while teaching them about the love of Jesus.

Haiti May 15

For the past 9 years he and his wife Roberta along with their staff have been making several trips to Haiti. All year long they collect, clean, pack and ship in containers from Florida, clothing for these children. Recently, even food has become hard to come by for the people of Haiti. As a result, spaghetti is now being packed in with the containers of clothing. LIFE SAVING SPAGHETTI.

So, PGO has been blessed by having an outlet for this clothing. We in turn want to bless this ministry by introducing them to you. This Saturday, May 18, come and meet people who care greatly for these beautiful children. The children you see pictured below wait in line for nearly 2 hours sometimes for food and clothing.

haitian kids

The next time they come in their finest clothing to learn more about Jesus. Yes, there are people starving in the United States and PGO is doing their part to help them. However, God has put the Haitian children upon Pastor Russ’s heart. God has also put this ministry in front of PGO and we now consider them a partner.