Our Story

In March of 2008, the Tabernacle UMC faith community lost one of their cherished youth, Jenna Grace King, in a car accident. As her faith community and family mourned her loss they found a new energy in their faith to begin to dream big and pray large to the possibilities of creating outreach ministries. These ministries would serve those in need of clothing, food, and other services. As with most small faith communities, they at first doubted their ability to provide meaningful services, however as many in the community looked back upon the life of Jenna they could see the drive she had to overcome obstacles placed before her.

Jenna Grace King

Jenna’s accomplishments of graduating high school early and nearly completing her first year of college by age 17 showed her ability to dream big. From this tragic loss, congregational members of Tabernacle UMC, in 2008 formed, Proclaiming Grace Outreach as a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit corporation, which has been certified by the IRS, to provide the oversight and structure required to meet the needs of those in the area surrounding our growing faith community.

Video of PGO’s Story