October Happenings…

PGO News!!

• You may have noticed that we have made an attempt with two new signs (SLOW, Pedestrians Ahead) to slow the traffic down near the crossing area from the parking lot over to the Thrift Spot. Please help us avoid danger by NOT allowing your children to cross the street alone. Cars are often traveling extremely fast and will not be able to stop.
• In “Jenna’s Room” we have placed a Prayer Box for your use. We have received a few prayers so far that we will be praying over each Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. here at the Thrift Spot. You are always welcome to join us for coffee and prayer at this time.
• We invite all of our customers (children and adults) to wear your “friendly” Halloween costumes to the spot on October 26. When else do you get to act like a kid? We hope you will join the Spot staff in dressing up.  Adults will receive a prize for dressing up. See the register people for your prize.
• As always you can follow the happenings of Proclaiming Grace Outreach on Facebook or by following our blog at Pgova.com.

Thank you for your part in making our mission a successful one!