Other Missions

The New Kent Animal Shelter and Humane Society

After the loss of Jenna in March 2008, her family and friends felt the need to celebrate her birthday in a big way, thus creating the first Jenna Bash Festival (formerly known as the Jenna Grace Birthday Bash). The Jenna Bash Festival is Proclaiming Grace Outreach’s largest annual fundraiser. As a result of the love Jenna had for animals, a connection was made with the New Kent Animal Shelter and eventually the New Kent Humane Society. Since it’s origins in 2008, Proclaiming Grace Outreach has been able to bless the animals of New Kent with nearly $11,500.00. This has allowed them to purchase much needed medications, etc for these animals. Each year the Jenna Bash Festival commits 25% of funds raised to the New Kent Animal Shelter and New Kent Humane Society. We look forward to being able to increase that number for 2014!

New Kent Animal Shelter check presentation

Melanie King of PGO presents a check to Corp. W. Kevin Watkins, Animal Control Officer for the New Kent Animal Shelter. The check benefits both the New Kent Animal Shelter and the Humane Society.

Scholarships for New Kent County Students

The Jenna Grace King Memorial Scholarship is given each year to deserving New Kent and War Hill High School students (currently 3 awards at $1,000.00 each). The criteria is based not only on academic performance but also on contributions of time to their community, church, and school, as well as their involvement in sports, being a good steward of the environment, and of the individuals around them. To date, Proclaiming Grace Outreach and the Davis/King families have given $18,000.00 to the students of New Kent and James City Counties. Applications are now available to apply for this scholarship in the respective guidance offices or by clicking Jenna Grace King Memorial Scholarship – 2020 Application. Applicants may download, fill out, and submit the form to their Guidance Office (Attn: Mrs. Pam Nixon at New Kent and Ms. Moss-Gregory at War Hill). Please do not send the form directly to Proclaiming Grace Outreach.