Jenna Grace King Outreach Center

As many of you know in November 2014, we were able to purchase a modest piece of property just a few miles west of where the existing Thrift Spot lies. Our dream (and this will take time and money) is to build the Jenna Grace King Outreach Center which will house all of our current operations (Food Pantry, Thrift Spot, Small Home Repair Mission) as well as to be able to facilitate many other activities such as healthy cooking/eating classes, after school programs, money management classes, interviewing skills, etc.

We also plan to have a multipurpose room that will allow agencies like The United Way and county agencies/programs to use the building to offer a variety of services that are missing in this part of the county. There will be a prayer room and a chapel and who knows, maybe one day we will have a unique type of church experience there.

We have already begun our outreach missions in the area of mental health counseling through our partnership with Genesis Counseling Center in Williamsburg. Currently there is an intern who is willing to see clients for what they can afford. She is seeing clients now in the Williamsburg office but will soon move to Christ Community Church in Toano to be more accessible to folks in our area. Working together, we can do so much more than alone. So, ask questions, give suggestions, and please SHARE this post so all will be informed. Thank you!