PGO’s Food Pantry – The Results Are In

The Results Are In!!

The PGO Food Pantry had another very successful year. Exactly 150 different families received food from our pantry at least once during 2014. We averaged fourteen hard working volunteers each time we were open. This does not include all the numerous volunteer hours required to travel to Richmond to the Central Virginia Food Bank and other locations to get the food. This sounds like a lot of work, but in reality, it’s a lot of people having fun helping others. On average, 67 families received food each time we were open. That means each family received an average of 50 pounds of food. 64,662 pounds of food came from the Central Virginia Food Bank and 14,606 pounds was donated by churches, civic groups, Girl Scout troops, individuals, and local businesses. Unbelievably, 79,226 pounds of food flowed through our pantry during 2014. The numbers reported above are important but the real blessing of the PGO Food Pantry is its ability to respond to God’s call to not only help those in need but have fun celebrating the lives of our volunteers and clients. Jesus has given us a way to give to Him as we give to the people of our community. We are grateful. Thank you to Him and to the community who supports Proclaiming Grace Outreach.

PGO Nominated for NBC12’s Acts of Kindness Award

What a surprise today! I came by the Thrift Spot today under the assumption I was meeting with a potential donor who wanted to view the store. However, what I was greeted with was a big camera from Channel 12 News and Sabrina Squire! PGO was nominated by Janet Schult-Hosier for the Channel 12 Acts of Kindness Award. They donated $300.00 to our building fund AND the video will be aired on Tuesday, November 25th on the 5:00 news. Not bad for a Friday, and thank you Janet for making this happen!


Janet Schult-Hosier (nominator), Sabrina Squire of NBC12, and nominee Melanie King, Executive Director of Proclaiming Grace Outreach.

Update November 26, 2014

Below you can watch the award being presented.

Link to story

Building Fund Challenge Update

We will meet our $10,000.00 goal if we have only 375 more people to give $10.00 each. This has come so far in only a few short months. Remember your reward will be to see me (and now a few others have volunteered) jump or run into the Chickahominy River in January! Let’s make this happen. We hope to have exciting news regarding our land purchase this week. Mail checks to PGO, 20051 Tabernacle Road, Barhamsville, VA 23011 or donate at Thank you!!

The PGO pantry for July

July brought many blessings for our pantry. We averaged nearly 60 families, had an abundance of volunteers and much more food than normal. Folks from the community provided an abundance of fresh produce and eggs and Wythe Distributing gave over 600 pounds of food. We are grateful for God’s guidance as we continue to grow.